Krásné přání a osobní vyznání americké textařky a improvizátorky Tanyi Bezreh, která navštívila v listopadu 2016 malířku Olgu Volfovou a obdržela od ní jako dar svůj portét

01.01.2017 19:47

I feel more aware of how I change from person to person. How different people usher into being different aspects of myself. How something can be born, or activated, starting with something someone else sees. How some people make it easy to show deep layers of myself, and how nice that feels.

This is a painting a new friend, Olga Volfová, made of me this year. She painted me while I made up songs about her. I like that it captures a seriousness and fierceness I don't always show.

For my New Years wish, I wish you beautiful interactions that help you birth the most loved version of yourself. Thanks for being in my life.