Exhibitions of paintings by the painter Olga Volfová include works from several thematic cycles.

Above all, it is a cycle of oil paintings called "Poemila", which was created in the course of 2007. The music was a great inspiration for these paintings, specifically the CD Veršování by composer and piano improviser Jiří Pazour and bass clarinetist Petr Valášek. Listening to these musical impressions, moods, as you might also say, created an interesting connection of two art worlds, musical and artistic. Two principles that have long belonged to each other. The rare harmony of impressive compositions helped to partially open the gates of the inner color compositions in the individual paintings. Each painting offers a glimpse into the imaginary poetic world. Each is original in its own way, even though they actually complement each other and form one whole.
The next cycle is a set of paintings called "Memories of Carnac". The inspiration for the creation of these works was the Neolithic menhirs in Carnac, France. France also approached the author during the creation of the painting "Gothic", where she was inspired by the cathedral in Chartres, and also in the case of her next painting "Renaissance".
The cycle "Erotica" expresses a special view of the principle of polarity between a man and a woman.
Two paintings from the "Australia" series were created during a trip to Western Australia. This journey was an inspiration for the author to create an extensive cycle of paintings from Australian nature.
Her paintings are regularly exhibited in galleries at home and abroad.

Solo exhibitions of Olga Volfova:

2007 - "Where the Worlds of Others" - Gallery City club, Litovel

2007 - "Poemila" - Gallery of House of Culture, Rumburk

2008 - "Poemila" - Church of St. Three, Klimkovice

2009 - "Poemila" - Theater Gallery, Sumperk

2009 - "Poemila" - Gallery of House of Culture, Ilava, Slovakia

2009 - "Poemila" - Gallery of House of Culture, Dubnica nad Vahom, Slovakia

2010 - "Poemila" - Portyc Gallery Pisek

2010 - "Poemila" - Gallery of House of Culture, Stochov - as part of the International Music Festival European Music Days

2011 - "Poemila" - Gallery of Czech Centre Warszawa, Poland

2011 - "Poemila" - Gallery Water Tower, Tábor

2013 - "Poemila" - Gallery of the Old Town Hall, Zdar nad Sazavou

2013 - "Poemila" - City Museum and Gallery, Dacice

2014 - "Poemila" - Muzeum, Blansko

2015 - "By Flight Home and World " - Gallery of Petra Nemeckova in Brno

2016 - "Selection of works"- March 16 to April 29 - Foyer Theater Bez zabradli, Prague

2016 - May - Gallery Old Post, Novy Jicin

2016 - September - Prachen Museum, Pisek

2016 - November- Gallery City club, Litovel

2017 - March - Gallery M, Pelhrimov

2017 - August - Castle Garden, Cimelice

2017 - October - November - Hotel Tlapak in Podebrady

2018 - February to March - exhibition hall of House of Culture, Ilava - Slovakia

2018 - November - Private gallery Zofingen - Switzerland

Group exhibitions:

2007 Mikołów - Gallery of House of Culture, Poland

2008 Gliwice - Muzeum, Poland

2008 Olkusz - Gallery MBWA, Poland

2008 Litovel - Gallery , Czech Republic

2008 Klimkovice - Gallery , Czech Republic

2008 Beuningen - Gallery Holland

2008 Marocay - Biennale of Small Format, Venezuela

2008 Hluboka nad Vltavou - AJG - Self-portrait in Czech art of the 20th and 21st century, Czech Republic

2009 Hradec Kralove - Gallery of Modern Art - Self-portrait in Czech art of the 20th and 21st century, Czech Republic